Copyrights & Liability

  • All the work done by Queper (including the SOURCE CODES/RAW FILE) are a property of Queper Technologies until full Payment. All clients need to buy the copyright rights for its further distribution.
  • Queper will not be liable for any third party loses relating to Server Information Loss or error from the hosting company. However, exemptions will be made for third party API. In case of any change/loss the client has to pay additional charges.


  • Invoice generated for a specific date needs to be paid within the due date. If a client does not pay the amounts owed in a timely manner, then client shall pay late payment fees of 20% on the outstanding amount, without any written demand or notice of default being necessary.
  • Queper has the right to terminate the contract and hold all the project material if payment is not cleared after 7 days of the invoice due date.
  • 30% of upfront payment is necessary to start a project/phase. There shall be no relaxation on the payment terms and conditions.
  • Queper will not accept the refund of supplied services. If the service received are not those detailed in the Contract, client shall inform Queper no later than 10 business days of delivery.


  • Queper shall perform the services with due care and in accordance with the contracts.
  • Queper will not follow any request or instruction (“Change Request”), which change or supplement the substance or scope of the Services described in a Contract. If Queper provides the Services described in a Change Request, then the client shall pay for such Services pursuant to these Terms and the applicable Contract.
  • In the absence of an expressly agreed invoicing schedule, Client shall pay all amounts relating to Services provided by Queper.
  • Daily project reports will be sent by Queper to to give a detailed update on work in progress. Demo’s to be shared only by end of each week on Saturday.